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Hannes Loeschel & PHACE



Suite for string ensemble, turntables & electronics

PHACE - Ivana Pristasova Violin | Annelie Gahl Violin | Shang-Wu Wu Viola | Roland Schueler Cello | Nikolay Gimaletdinov Cello | Michael Seifried Double-bass

Tibor Kövesdi Double-bass | Hannes Löschel Piano | Dieb 13 Turntables | Josef Novotny Sampler, Electronic Devices

Simeon Pironkoff Conductor

01. Readymade...08:41
02. Spins.......11:41
03. Rad.........05:18
04. Flügel......10:03
05. Kaskade.....04:59


01. Readymade

02. Spins

03. Rad

05. Kaskade

I had a good time with Loeschel’s tribute to the music of Vienna 'Herz.Bruch.Stück' of some time ago. A very pleasant and warm work. With ´Spin´ Loeschel shows a totally other face. It is a conceptual  and abstract work, far from typical Austrian music. For this work  the composer and musician Loeschel takes inspiration from the spin phenomenon: the spinning movements by elementary particles. He took this as a model for his composition. The music turns on its own axis again and again, and then jumps to another spin. It is modeled as a suite for string ensemble, turntables & electronics and performed by Phace, an innovative ensemble from Austria. Here is the whole crew: Ivana Pristasova (violin), Annelie Gahl (violin), Shang-Wu Wu (viola), Roland Schueler (cello), Nikolay Gimaletdinov (cello), Michael Seifried (double-bass), Tibor Kövesdi (double-bass), Dieb 13 (turntables), Josef Novotny (sampler, electronic devices), Simeon Pironkoff (conductor), and Hannes Loeschel himself on piano. The music is about rotation, but paradoxically many parts of this work make the impression of a static structure. Other parts however like in the first piece ‘Readymade’ and the second piece ‘Spins’ really do evoke  sensations of turning. The impression of movement is most obvious in the opening of ‘Rad’  where the music moves forward with a drive that we know from early minimal music. So Loeschel succeeds in translating the concept of spinning into audible characteristics. Every minute from this work is made up of very condensed sounds and built from small gestures. ’Flügel’ circles around long sustained strokes and notes. Sounds coming from a far distance. Very reflective and meditative in its effect on me as a listener. This is not a work for immediate consumption. It is a complex, introvert work, that began to reveal its beauty to me after repeated listening.
Dolf Mulder, VITAL WEEKLY, number 894, week 34

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