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loew 010/011
Ereb Afrik
Stangl Löschel Novotny Novohradsky



Hannes Löschel - Piano
Burkhard Stangl - Guitar
Josef Novotny - Electronics
Johannes Novohradsky - Visuals

CD 01
01 very slow and soft 06:51
02 slow and soft 02:33
03 pedals 04:49
04 inside 06:00
05 soft 05:17
06 very soft 03:35
07 ending 00:51
Total 30:01

CD 02
08 k_1 06:17
09 k_2 06:49
10 k_3 07:52
11 k_4 07:25
12 k_5 16:09
13 r_1 03:03
14 r_2 03:40
15 r_3 03:30
Total 54:50

CD 01
02 slow and soft

CD 02
11 k_4

13 r_1

14 r_2

The composition “Ereb Afrik”, by Burkhard Stangl, is scored for two pianos and a single player, namely Hannes Löschel, to whom it’s dedicated. In the first of the two CDs of this set, the Austrian pianist/composer plays a great version of the piece, alternating charming Feldmanesque softness and more controversial explorations of the various quarters of the instruments, often used as a percussion (including their pedals); meanwhile, Novotny deals with “sound projection”, taking bits and parts and modifying their essence. Novotny and Löschel are joined by Stangl himself (on guitar and electronics) in the second disc, where the trio reworks and expands the first version through stern improvisational skills and more dramatic treatments, giving the music an aleatory temperament that seldom allows the return to the calmer waters of the original; at the end of the record, each one of the members presents a personal short remix, Stangl’s version being the most engrossing. Johannes Novohradsky dealt with all the visuals, available both in the booklet and the data track of the first CD, giving his great contribution to an already commendable project.
Massimo Richi,Touching Extremes, February 8, 2013

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