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KINDS - the very life of art
Loeschel Tang Tronzo



Hannes Löschel - Piano, Electronics
David Tronzo - Slide Guitar
Achim Tang - Bass

01. Assyrian March......12:22
02. Teezirkel...........09:24
03. Cafe Barcelona......03:44
04. Close(dedicated to „Blind
Boy Fuller“)........03:27
05. Pol.................02:44
06. Divertimento Nr.4...05:42
07. Slow Motion Life....14:37


01. Assyrian March

06. Divertimento Nr.4

07. Slow Motion Life

This is an amazing trio session featuring Dave Tronzo on slide guitar, Hannes Loeschel on piano & electronics and Achim Tang on acoustic bass. Last month (June of 2007), there was a week-long Austrian New Music Festival presented by and at the Austrian Cultural Forum. Experimental pianist, Hannes Loschel, left us with a few of his CD’s and this one of the gems that we now have in stock to sell. Slide guitar god, Dave Tronzo, turns 50 this year and it is indeed time to sing his praises. He came to this town some two decades ago and has just a handful of recordings to his name. So each and every one remains a treasure to us Tronzo fan-addicts. While Tronzo has been known to rock out at times and play the occasional melody, here he goes pretty far out there. „Assyrian March“ is a dark and haunting piece for inside-the-piano weirdness, banging-on-the-bass percussives and eerie slide guitar ghost-like notes. While the bassist holds the rhythmic center together, the guitar and piano dance around him together. Near the end of this piece, the bass and piano move into a bluesy section while Tronzo takes a great slide solo. Each member of the trio contributes a few of their own pieces and each one is different. On Achim’s „Teezirkel“, the bass sets up the slow pace while Tronzo plays some strange sounds on his guitar sliding each note separately while soon Hannes adds some bizarre but effective electronic sounds. This piece is often a collection of solos, one after the other, with each player keeping the flow of ideas continuous and somehow connected. When Hannes plays some mysterious sounds inside the piano, Tronzo answers with equally odd sounds on the guitar. What I dig about this disc is that some of the sounds are hard to figure out (is that electronics or inside-the-piano or guitar manipulations), yet everything is fascinating and the trio seem to find their way into some blues-like areas at times. This disc was released in 2004, but this is the first time we have offered copies to sell.
Bruce Lee Gallanter / downtown musicgallery,13 monroe St., New York NY 10002-7351 / July 20th 2007

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