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loew 007
antasten - echos an kegelrändern
Loeschel Lehn Novotny



Hannes Löschel - Piano
Thomas Lehn - Analogue-synthesizer
Josef Novotny - Electronics
Martin Siewert - Guitar, Lapsteel, Devices
Didi Bruckmaier - Vocals

01. L8......09:58
02. L9......15:39
03. L10.....01:55
04. L11.....06:06
05. L12.....05:15
06. L13.....05:10
07. L14.....07:43

Total 51:50

06. L13

Thank goodness that small labels such as loewenhertz are cropping up to document the very important Vienna improvising music scene. This release features the collective Antasten—centered around the marvelous Thomas Lehn, Josef Novotny (often heard on November Records), and the unknown-to-me pianist Hannes Löschel, but supplemented by guests like Martin Siewert on a follow-up disc.
The core unit is augmented regularly by guests in their performances (up to eight members sometimes). They tend to work in miniatures not so much oriented around Löschel's piano as using its acoustic properties as points of reference in a series of idiosyncratic explorations. There are really only two evident concerns that reappear in all these pieces: contrast, and abrupt beginnings and endings. Towards these ends, the players concoct all manner of unexpected noises, including but not limited to moans, grindings, sizzles, whirrs and squeaks.
It's really a sort of 21st century fusion, between electronics and chamber music. Löschel is not afraid to use his technique, but it is constantly being thwarted, subverted, or framed in unexpected ways by Novotny and Lehn....
Jason Bivins, One Final Note, October 2002

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