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loew 003
Löschel Skrepek Zrost



Hannes Löschel - Harmonium, Melodica, Samples
Paul Skrepek - Drums, Devices
Martin Zrost - Electric bass, Alto, Devices

01. Man Power............33:21
02. L Cafe...............07:25
03. I MAX................07:58
04. Pennies from Heaven..14:58
Total 66:42

01. Man Power

04. Pennies from Heaven

A laser souvenir of LSZ’s 1996 sojourn in New York, ALBERT (...) brings up the band dabbling in electronics. Only four tracks long — although the first is almost 34 minutes — its leitmotif appears to be the integration of found sounds with free improvisation. Most prominently among these sounds are the rambling stories and singing (sic) of the title character, an elderly café patron...
...Whistling — Alfred’s? A band member’s? — the crackle of low-level electronics, gargles, reed tongue-slaps, bass drum swats and a slide whistle move in and out of the sound mix — as does what appears to be a motor warming up, the wooden smack of the piano side and percussion rumbles. The three obviously had a good time in New York. Guess you hadda be there.
Ken Waxman, JazzWord, July 27, 2002

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